Faith-Unconditional but not Blind Trust 1

Almost a year of reassuring myself that God loves me has led me to a single conclusion. Most pastors do not know what faith means or the biblical definition of faith is lost. I have become calmer and more spiritual as I constantly remind myself throughout each day that God loves me as Himself with all His Life just as I am just the way I am no matter what!

Those who have tried it consistently are experiencing the benefits. The saddest part is that some hardcore Christians are the ones who are resisting this attempt to redefine faith. So what is this new definition for faith I am rambling on about?

“Faith is being deliberately convinced to a certain degree that another loves you unconditionally.”

So if I am convinced that God loves me then I have faith in Him. If I have faith in my fellow human then it means I have deliberately convinced myself that he or she loves me as himself unconditionally. The main question one may ask is why the word deliberate in this definition. This is because unlike confidence which is trust that is developed based on observation of tangible evidence. Faith is a decision to trust someone in spite of imperfections that they may have to love you unconditionally.

It hurts to assume that one is trustworthy and to find out later that all was not as you thought. The Bible says in Psalm 146:3

New Living Translation
Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there.
English Standard Version
Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.
The two translations are contrasted to show that confidence in man is futile.

But is it the same with faith?

Men seem to quote this verse and a similar one, Jeremiah 17:5 but they are about confidence in man not faith in man

New Living Translation
This is what the LORD says: “Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from the LORD.

English Standard Version
Thus says the LORD: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the LORD.

Faith is not blind trust because it does not turn a blind eye to a person’s faults it just chooses to ignore them as a basis for forming relationship. Who will have faith in a God who was beaten and killed who is alleged to have risen up again? That is faith you see His weakness but can believe He is God and He loves you unconditionally. Yes the One who cannot save Himself from the Cross can save you from Eternal Death.

We have to therefore begin to learn faith and move in it to the glory of God. The just shall live by faith. The righteous ones shall have their salvation through their deliberate conviction that God loves them unconditionally. Not their blind trust but their ignoring the human weaknesses of Jesus and seeing the Divine in Him.


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