Imagination run wild

Imagine, Imagine a Ghana…
Imagine a Ghana where all the 600000 children aged 2 years will get a University placement in 2034
Imagine a Ghana where a child would study all his subjects in his mother-tongue from nursery to University with English and French taught as languages at all levels of education for communication.
Imagine a Ghana where we make sure that 70% of these children would graduate in Science and Technology.
Imagine a Ghana where we export doctors and engineers and not just oil and gold.
Imagine a Ghana with all examinations by WAEC meeting IGCSE/O-level standards and AICE/A-level standards for even poor children with translations in all local languages
Imagine a Ghana where a child will go to school with a laptop
Imagine a Ghana where University VC’s, Deans and Heads of Departments are elected by students
Imagine a Ghana where the University’s are three years in duration using a British-style curricullum
Imagine a Ghana where all the 439 in existence SHS have enough facilities for 2000 students each
Imagine a Ghana where all University students are pass out in stipulated time for their courses rather than spend years in University
Imagine a Ghana where it is as easy to get a Legon degree as it is to get a MIT degree.
Imagine a Ghana where there are professors for every course in the University rather than a single professor teaching up to 14 courses a semester.
Imagine a Ghana where student loans actually cover the cost of a university education
Imagine a Ghana which does not lose brilliant students to scholarship programs in Europe, and North America most of whom will never work for Ghana.
Imagine a Ghana where doctors trained abroad are not frustrated when they try to join the medical force and end up returning to Europe where they are quickly accepted
Imagine a Ghana where child abuse by teachers is not swept under the carpet by headteachers but is punished by both the GES and the criminal justice system.
Imagine a Ghana where a girl who gets pregnant is allowed to give birth and get back to school to excel.
Imagine a Ghana where all Polytechnics, Teacher Training Colleges, Agricultural Colleges, Nurses Training Colleges and Technical Institutes are degree-awarding and part of the University system
Imagine a Ghana where all have a right to attend school up to graduate level
Imagine a Ghana that allows parents to pay school fees on a pay-as you-go basis if they are poor.
Imagine a Ghana which insists that sports, volunteering, and other extracurricular activities be available for ALL students to participate in.
Imagine a Ghana where children with disabilities graduate University so long as they can be educated.
Imagine a Ghana where the National Service Scheme actually runs as military scheme like in Germany.
Imagine a Ghana where parents are not allowed to go scot-free for failing to pay child support or abandoning the child.
Imagine a Ghana where boarding schools are not just for the rich but each of our 600000 babies will get a place.
Imagine a Ghana where farmers, seamstresses, masons, drivers and hairdressers are in short supply but there are plenty of Ghanaian doctors, pilots, engineers and scientists.
Imagine an educated Ghana
Imagine a developed Ghana!!!
Long Live Ghana!!!!


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